Indian EA/PA of the year

Winner in this category can be considered the best of the best.
It tells your employer and your profession that you have reached the greatest level in your chosen profession. You will have all the abilities needed to function efficiently at the board and executive level and interact and function in such a manner that your effect on your organization is continuously felt.
Sound business judgement
Managing line and inter-departmental communications
Managing confidentiality and privacy

Rising Star of the year

This category awards the person who has been promising enough that you can expect him or her to go far into the EA/PA sector. They show dedication to the business and will be eager to know and grow. They are ambitious, confident, and always glad to help peers and executives. They demonstrate the passion that shines through and they have made your office a happy place to be!

Outstanding Contribution

This category is designed for an EA/PA who has influenced or implemented something that proved to make a visible difference to their company; an EA/PA who understands the needs of the business they work for. This could be a new system that has proved successful and had a positive influence on the workplace or an initiative that has saved the business time and resources.

Star of the Future Award

This award honors the person who is a star of the future and a person to look at. Might be young in experience but this individual has proven a clear ability to satisfy the various requirements of a PA/EA.

Best Communicator

This award recognises someone who knows what to say, how to say it and who to say it to. They seems to magically eliminate problems. This person has changed or managed ways that have improved communication across the organisation with both internal and external clients.

Above and Beyond

This award recognises those who exceed the expectations of what it means to be a PA or EA and support professional, by consistently going the extra mile to do more than required of them.

Efficiency Award

This award recognises PA has an outstanding time management capability that proves its capacity to juggle diaries. She/he keeps everything and everyone on course whilst still managing to make time appear for others. This PA has successfully created systems and procedures to reduce the everyday pressure of running out of time.


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